Being healthy is something that we all strive to maintain. Not only do you have to be proactive, and get moderate exercise throughout the day, but you also need to watch what your body ingests. A healthy source of energy that will not give you a sugar rush, nor feel bad about drinking after your daily exercise is where Fuga Energy comes in.

Our mission is to educate people about the health risk associated with consuming artificial ingredients. We proactively provide information about the positive health benefits with the consumption of natural ingredients. Our passion is to devote our time and money to causes that we believe in such as childhood cancer, and local children hospitals.

“I wanted to create a healthy energy drink YOU’LL FEEL GOOD about drinking!” – Miguel Camarena

Fuga Energy is an all natural beverage derived from energy resources taken from the earth, rather than in the lab. Which creates long lasting energy that does not overstimulate the body, nor make you feel jittery. While providing just the right amount of consistent, long lasting energy from an all natural resource to get you through the day. Today, Fuga Energy is the World’s all natural resource for a source of daily energy. All while providing extraordinary flavor beyond comparison to anything on the market.


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Fuga Energy Drink Creators, Miguel & Mary Jo Camarena

At just five years old, Miguel fell in love with baseball, and through hard work and dedication, became a professional athlete at the age of 19. Unfortunately his career as a professional athlete had ended far too prematurely due to an injury. Although, he never lost his love for the game nor his active, athletic lifestyle.

Many years later, during a company softball game, Miguel was offered one of the top-selling energy drinks from a teammate just prior to going to bat. Moments later, his heart was pounding so hard he thought he was having a heart attack!  With a successful career working in the soft beverage industry, he was determined to learn more about this unexpected incident.

Miguel began researching to understand the cause of this negative reaction, especially from a beverage that was supposed to make him feel better, and enhance physical performance. Thorough research stated that most energy drinks which people consume are made from mostly artificial ingredients, as compared to all natural substances. Synthetic caffeine is an ingredient that is made from petroleum jelly, and widely used due to its low cost. This and many other artificial ingredients are associated with numerous health issues, and sometimes death. These energy drinks are marketed in a way to make you “feel better,” whereas they actually create a cycle of dependency, inducing a quick “buzz & crash.”

Determined, with a goal in mind, Miguel set out on a mission to develop a healthy alternative with long lasting energy. Educating consumers on the negative side effects of the widely used artificial ingredients is something that Miguel takes seriously. His passion has allowed him to create an all natural beverage that enhances physical performance, heighten mental alertness, and produce overall positive health benefits. As a result, Fuga Energy was created by utilizing vitamins, herbs, and a natural source of caffeine from Yerba Mate.